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Snow Days Will be Here Soon...

Here's a quick peek at the inspiration behind SNOW DAYS, my newest picture book published by Pajama Press and gorgeously illustrated by Miki Sato.

The first draft of Snow Days was written in 2013. An idea inspired by my kids and the pure, wondrous delight they found in snow. In their eyes, every kind of snow held it’s own distinct magic.

As much as I dislike cold weather, their joy was infectious and I found myself wanting to write a picture book about snow — a simple concept with a universally Canadian appeal. But I was still in the early years of picture book writing with a lot to learn about structure, story, and the importance of leaving room for the illustrator. The book was submitted, rejected, and then tucked away into a corner of my hard drive while I jumped ahead to the next shiny new idea. 

Fast forward seven years and several published picture books: when Gail Winskill, publisher of Pajama Press, mentioned to me that she was looking for a holiday or seasonal-themed book, I dusted off my snow manuscript and looked at it again. Fresh eyes (your own or someone else’s) are a writer’s best tool!

And timing, as they say, is everything.

Snow Days, publishes November 24, 2020.

Its sequel, Sunny Days, is scheduled for a May, 2021 release.

(Originally posted on Picture Books, Eh -- October 23, 2020)


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