Critique Services


So you've got an idea for a children's book, you've written a first draft, and shared it with your family and friends...hooray!

Give yourself a pat on the back -- that's a huge accomplishment!


Now, what do you do next?


Before submitting your manuscript to an agent or publisher, it might be a wise investment to get it professionally critiqued first.

I've started offering editing/critique services for picture book manuscripts (1000 words maximum) on a limited basis (schedule permitting). 


You can choose from any of the following options:

The Single


You'll receive: a substantive critique of one picture book manuscript in a written report. 



The Double


You'll receive: a substantive critique of two consecutive drafts of your manuscript in a written report, as well as two detailed line edits.


The Double Plus


You'll receive: everything you get in The Double, plus a 30 minute one-on-one phone or video chat session at any point in the process where you feel it would be most beneficial.



The Query


You'll receive: a detailed line edit of your agent/editor query letter. 

* this fee will be reduced to $25 if it's for a manuscript I've already critiqued and am familiar with.

(Please note, all prices listed above are in Canadian dollars.)


If you're interested in hiring me for any of these services, please send me a letter of inquiry along with any one page of your manuscript (or 50ish words) and I'll get back to you within 5 business days letting you know whether I'm available to take you on as a client. (Please note: If I'm able to take on your work, any and all payments must be made in full and up front.)


Client Testimonials

"I can’t thank you enough. What an inspiring process this was! You pushed and prodded in all the right places and I feel I have learned a lot of basics which I can now return to when evaluating other manuscripts and other ideas." 

-Carol Matas, best-selling author of more than 45 books for young readers.

"Deborah Kerbel's expert critiques are detailed, concise, and descriptive - dished out with a touch of tough love that brings writer and manuscript closer to a polished finish. Working with her has been an extraordinary experience."

-Karen Schwartz

"Deborah continues to encourage me with her gentle and thorough feedback. I would not be where I am with my work without her help. Thank you so much!!!!"

-P. K. Singh

"Deborah’s thoughtful feedback prompted me to think more deeply about my characters and themes. Her thorough, high-quality comments were evidence of her knowledge and expertise. The ideas and suggestions provided by Deborah were indispensable for polishing and revising my manuscript. Thank you, Deborah Kerbel!" 

-Alison McGauley