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Under the Moon

ISBN-13: 9781770860902

A girl who's lost her sleep, a boy who's lost his dreams, and twenty-six nights that will change their lives.


"Kerbel effectively portrays the turmoil of the teen heart and mind. A sweet love story cloaked in the uncertainty of youth and sleeplessness."

CanLit for Little Canadians


"An excellent coming-of-age young adult novel. Highly Recommended."

CM Magazine


*2012 Governor General's Literary Award (Finalist)

*Starred Selection -‘Best Books for Kids and Teens’ (The Canadian Childrens’ Book Centre, Fall 2012)

*A Resource Links ‘Best Book of 2012’

*January Magazine ‘Best Children’s Book of 2012’


ISBN-13: 9781554887545


When Max mets a pretty girl at the local library, he has no way of knowing she's about to lure him into the mystery of a lifetime.


"...exciting to the very end. Highly recommended."

-CM Magazine


"Steeped in the stuff that makes up a good urban legend: a mystery with a twist at the end, an unsolved local murder, and a ghost story where the ghost tells of his own demise. Like any good mystery, Kerbel does an excellent job of distracting the reader from what is really going on."

-Canadian Children's Book News


*2012 Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award Finalist

*2010 Cybil's Award Nominee

Girl on the Other Side

ISBN-13: 9781554884438


Two girls, two totally opposite worlds. What will happen when their lives come crashing together and all their secrets are forced out into the light? 


"Kerbel’s depictions of each girl’s very different brands of personal pain are stirring."

Publisher's Weekly


"Powerful. Anyone who has ever been bullied, bullied someone else, or thought that the bullying of others was wrong will be moved by Kerbel’s story."

YA Bookshelf


*Canadian Library Association's 2010 YA Book of the Year Award (Finalist)

Mackenzie, Lost and Found

ISBN-13: 9781550028522

Can Mackenzie come to terms with the grief that had been eating away at her heart…here in the last place in the world she ever wanted to be?


" original, beautifully crafted story of a forbidden love."

-The Book Pixie


“...readers are sure to fall under the spell of Jerusalem and its many charms as the author adroitly conveys a sense of the land, its people, and its rich history. While she depicts the tension and the ever-present threat of violence simmering near the surface of ordinary life, she also captures the awesomeness of its ancient ties. Her story gives readers much to think about…”

-Canadian Children's Book News


“Challenging and topical...a good avenue to explore Jewish and Muslim religious traditions, relationships with family and friends, and the sweetness of first love.”

-Resource Links Library Journal

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