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When Molly Drew Dogs Cover.jpeg
When Molly Drew Dogs

ISBN-13: 978-1771473385

Illustrated by Lis Xu

Published by Owlkids

*2019 Quill and Quire STARRED Review*

*2020 'Best Books for Kids & Teens' selection*

*2019 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Recommended Selection*

*Featured on CTV's Your Morning Show*

*'Books that Help Support Mental Wellness in Students' Selection*

One night, a pack of stray dogs moved into Molly Akita's head.

They were friendly, but a bit wild...


Molly loves her imaginary pack, and she starts drawing dogs on the walls, dogs on her desk, dogs all over her schoolwork. But her constant doodling has her teacher and grandmother worried: When will she stop daydreaming? Why can't she focus? 

But Molly’s pack brings her comfort, and one night, her chalk dogs come to her rescue in the most unexpected way.

Inspired by the Japanese folktale, “The Boy Who Drew Cats”, this moving and surprising story celebrates the healing powers of art while touching on important issues of anxiety, mental health, and ways to cope with emotions. A picture book tribute to the power of imagination and the importance of creativity.

* "Kerbel offers poetic and prescient insight into mental wellness, without a whiff of didacticism."

-Quill and Quire

"Kerbel deftly crafts a gentle argument for more empathy for others and yourself.

An artful plea for emotional acceptance."

-Kirkus Reviews

" opportunity to discuss positive coping skills, including how artistic self-expression—paired with adult encouragement and understanding—can help manage fears and engage with the outside world."


"This story celebrates the healing powers of art and imagination."

-Best Books for Kids & Teens Spring 2020

"An intriguing story about the healing strength of art and imagination...the need for empathy and acceptance is the hallmark of this poignant story."

-Canadian Children's Book News

"A sensitive look at anxiety, how it manifests, how a child copes, turning worries into safety."

-Canlit for Little Canadians

"A lovely message in this story about the need to help children explore their feelings."

-Storytime with Stephanie

"Tender...touching...a compelling book about anxiety and the ways we can cope, heal and ultimately persevere, through creating art."

-Mighty Village Books

"One of 12 children's books that tackle mental health in age-appropriate ways."

-CTV's 'Your Morning' Show

"These are books in which kids can feel seen and understood, and realize that they aren’t alone." (Selected as one of eight books that support mental wellness in students.)

-49th Teachers

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