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What about an Octopus?
A fact-filled underwater adventure

ISBN-13: 978-1771475716

Illustrated by Dawn Lo

Published by Owlkids

On a visit to the ocean, a curious little girl goes
searching for a seashell and meets a new eight-armed friend


While at the ocean, a curious young girl goes searching for a seashell and finds an octopus friend instead. The encounter turns into an afternoon full of play and discovery. From eating, to napping, to playing, octopuses are just like us ... aren't they? Well, maybe not quite ...


For instance, when you spot an octopus, you might be tempted to shake its hand. Please don't! A friendly wave is just fine. A sidebar explains that all octopuses have eight arms, and some can even detach an arm to escape when trapped or threatened. (Don't worry--the arm will grow back!)


Throughout this underwater adventure, fun-to-read sidebars add context by describing a variety of fascinating facts about octopuses, while colorful, movement-filled illustrations perfectly capture the charm and gentle humor of this informational picture book.

Coming in August, 2024 

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