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ISBN-13: 978-1771473804

Illustrated by Yong Ling Kang

Published by Owlkids Books

*2023 Eric Carle Picture Book Museum Featured Title*

"A timely story about an issue occurring in many areas of Canada: the loss of green space due to intensification and the drastic change it evokes. Kerbel's imagery throughout is compelling." 

-Canadian Children's Book News

"A sweet and tender tale that will touch the lives of children everywhere.." 

-Manhattan Book Review

"This lovely little story is an important reminder that, even when the change seems unmovable, we can find creative solutions to our problem. There can be hope." 

-Storytime with Stephanie

"This House is Home reminds us that home is more than a structure. It has roots that are grown of family, and, though it can change, as necessary, it carries the promise of steadfastness, even if in transition."

-CanLit for Little Canadians

"Besides enjoying This House is Home as a read-aloud story, parents and adults working with children may find the book useful when having discussions about the environment and urban development."

-CM Magazine

"Poetic...compelling...ever hopeful. A small book that tackles big concepts in a thoughtful and touching way."

-Children's Lit Now

An empowering story about coming to terms with change through creative problem solving.


Lily’s family is happy in their old green house at the end of the lane, but progress soon encroaches. When Grandma refuses to sell their home to developers, the city just builds around them. Soon their house is smack-dab in the middle of a multi-lane highway. As traffic rushes by day and night, Lily and her family begin to feel differently about their beloved home.


Using crayons and a little creativity, Lily draws up a plan to keep her Grandma’s home and leave the highway behind. With the help of the construction crew that brought change to their neighborhood, Lily and her family take to the sea in their green house and set sail for a new place to call home.


Inspired by Chinese “nail houses” that end up stranded in a sea of construction when owners refuse to sell, this memorable picture book celebrates resourcefulness, problem-solving, and collaboration in the face of change.

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