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Sun Dog

ISBN-13: 978-1-77278-038-3

Illustrated by Suzanne Del Rizzo

Published by Pajama Press


*2019 IODE Ontario Jean Throop Book Award Winner*

*2019 Forest of Reading Blue Spruce Award Honour Book Winner*

*2019 SYRCA Shining Willow Award Finalist*
 *2018 Resource Links “The Year’s Best” selection*
*2018 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Best Books for Kids & Teens selection*
*2018 School Library Journal blogger Betsy Bird’s “2018 Calde-notts” selection*


Juno and her boy live in a red house at the top of the world. One day Juno will be big and strong enough to help pull a sled across the tundra, but for now she is just a small puppy with a big-dog heart. Small puppies have to go to bed when their boys do, but Juno can’t sleep with the midnight sun shining out across the town. She slips outside to play. Returning to see a hungry polar bear sniffing around the open door, Juno has no time to be afraid. It’s time to find her voice, summon the big dog inside her, and save her beloved boy.


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“Kerbel weaves facts about the Arctic Circle within a tender story of the devotion between a boy and his dog. Del Rizzo’s vibrant, colorful polymer clay and acrylics capture the beauty of their home….Juno may be a puppy in the Arctic Circle, but children everywhere will relate to her.”

-Kirkus Reviews 


“The captivating text and illustrations invite repeated reading. An inspiring tale of determination, courage, and devotion.”

-School Library Journal

"Poetic...dreamy...unique. Highly Recommended."

-CM Magazine

"A lovely story of the connection between Juno and her boy, but also of the high Arctic days, and the animals who call that part of the world their home."

-Canadian Bookworm

“Charming…brilliant…heart-warming. Children will love the story of Juno.”

-CanLit for Little Canadians

“An intimate romp with a young puppy and a sweeping celebration of the vast and beautiful tundra makes Sun Dog an immediate and enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections.”

-Midwest Book Review

"A beautifully illustrated, impeccably written tale about a little sled dog pup who dreams of running with the big dogs...a fantastic little book for the dog days of summer."

-Storytime with Stephanie


“Excellent....very exciting and full of local colour. This book could possibly be an award winner!”

-Resource Links Library Journal

“What a gorgeous picture book! With such appealing and vibrant art, and a beautifully written, well-paced story, Sun Dog would make for great read-aloud material, as well as for quiet reading and sharing.”

-Fab Book Reviews

"Deborah Kerbel leads readers on an engaging journey to the Arctic, where she effectively intersperses facts about the flora, fauna and the sun cycle with a sensitive story about a puppy who courageously establishes her rightful place in her community. "

-Canadian Children's Book News, Winter 2018

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