Rainy Days Cover.png
Rainy DAYS

ISBN-13: 978-1-77278-246-2

Illustrated by Miki Sato

Published by Pajama Press

*A Betsy Bird 'Marvelous 2022 Board Books' selection* 

Steady rain, garden swamp
Rubber boots, puddle stomp!

The creators of the critically-acclaimed Windy Days, Sunny Days, and Snow Days return with a new Toddler Tough padded hardcover celebrating rainy weather in their signature collage art and whimsical rhyme

For preschoolers, rainy weather is full of possibility. A puddle in the back yard is just waiting for a stomp in rubber rain boots. A light drizzle is perfect for a search-and-rescue mission for worms and snails. And watching a heavy rainfall makes sitting inside with a warm bowl of soup all the cozier.

In Rainy Days, author Deborah Kerbel once again captures the magic of early childhood awe and wonder with rhyming couplets that celebrate every kind of rainy-day activity. Illustrator Miki Sato’s unique tactile collage art nearly rises from the page with fascinating features made from paper, felt, and embroidery silk. A final page includes enriching STEM activities inquisitive little ones. Rainy Days is the fourth book in the Weather Days collection that includes the critically-acclaimed titles Snow Days, Sunny Days, and Windy Days.

“I will definitely be using this book in the classroom with my young readers, and I believe Rainy Days would be a great tool in any parent or teacher’s toolbox”

—CM Magazine

“As an adult, it is often easy to think of the inconveniences of rainy weather even if it is essential to life on our planet. This book highlights the joy that can be found on a nice rainy day.”

—YA Books Central

“The art is cut-paper art and collage, which I thought was very tactile and really interesting, and as you can see it is very bright and fun for kids.”

—CTV Your Morning

“What a way to get started on a library for a new baby or a favorite toddler. Each of the books captures the magic found in nature and its many blessings.”

— Sal’s Fiction Addiction

"This book is bound to be a favorite each time a rainy day comes along."

-A Fuse 8 Production (SLJ)

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