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opposite identicals 

ISBN-13: 978-1773371115

Published by Great Plains Publications: Yellow Dog


*A 2023 Junior Library Guild 'Gold Standard Selection'*

A Quill & Quire 'Highlight of the 2023 Fall Season' selection*

"With suspense, adventure, and plenty of creepy crawlies, OPPOSITE IDENTICALS will have fans of ‘Stranger Things’ looking at the ground below and wondering, ‘what if…?' Nail biting suspense, sisterly love, and subterranean adventures make for an exciting middle grade sci fi read!"

-Colleen Nelson, author of The Undercover Book List.


“A fast-paced, heart-pumping thrill ride into the near ecological future or . . . nightmare. Two twins, day and night, totally different until it counts. Buckle in!” 

– Teresa Toten, author of Eights Days and The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b. 

“A fast-paced story that grabbed me and kept me reading till the end.” 

–Mahtab Narsimhan, author of The Tiffin.

"A non-stop adrenaline rush from start to finish. Kids of all ages will race through this book, desperate to find out what will happen to the twins when catastrophe strikes in a near future world, changed forever by climate crisis. Don’t miss this one!"

-Carol Matas, author of A Struggle for Hope.


Set in the very near future — a time when climate change has irreversibly altered our planet and lifestyles. Nova and Joule are fourteen-year old twins whose scientist parents have recently uprooted the family from their urban home and moved to the country on a year-long research assignment, studying the effects of GMO ‘SuperCrop’ farming on the environment in the final regulatory phase before global expansion. Surrounded by nature and quiet, open spaces, shy, bookish Nova is in heaven. But Joule – whose life’s ambition is to be famous and reach a million Hollagram followers – is desperate to escape. One day, Joule gets her wish, although not in a way anyone ever expected. In an instant, she’s gone – swallowed up by a mysterious sinkhole under her bedroom floor. Suddenly twinless, Nova is forced to step in and lead the search for her missing sister. But can she face her fears and figure out what caused the sinkhole in time to save Joule? 

Told from alternating points of view, it’s a subterranean adventure about overcoming obstacles, self-discovery, and environmental awareness.

Coming to bookshelves October 24, 2023.



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