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No Huddles for Heloise

ISBN-13: 9781459839106

Illustrated by Udayana Lugo

Published by Orca Book Publishers

Heloise likes a lot of things: sledding, giving rocks to her friends, and eating fish popsicles. She does NOT like certain things, like crowds, close-talkers and huddles.

The problem is, huddles are a big part of being a penguin. Everyone gathers together to keep warm and stay safe from leopard seals. But huddles give Heloise the collywobbles! Heloise sets off to find others like her. Along the way, she meets other animals who don’t seem so friendly, and after a close brush with a leopard seal, Heloise realizes that she needs to get back to her community. Is there a way for Heloise to be a penguin and keep her personal space?

​Coming March 11, 2025

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