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Mackenzie, Lost and Found

ISBN-13: 9781550028522

Can Mackenzie come to terms with the grief that had been eating away at her heart…here in the last place in the world she ever wanted to be?


" original, beautifully crafted story of a forbidden love."

-The Book Pixie


“...readers are sure to fall under the spell of Jerusalem and its many charms as the author adroitly conveys a sense of the land, its people, and its rich history. While she depicts the tension and the ever-present threat of violence simmering near the surface of ordinary life, she also captures the awesomeness of its ancient ties. Her story gives readers much to think about…”

-Canadian Children's Book News


“Challenging and topical...a good avenue to explore Jewish and Muslim religious traditions, relationships with family and friends, and the sweetness of first love.”

-Resource Links Library Journal


Download the free Teacher's Guide for Mackenzie, Lost and Found:

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