Grumble Yawn Cover.jpeg
Grumble, Yawn

Illustrated by Jacqui Lee

Published by Orca Book Publishers

Coming March 15, 2022


Shhh, it’s bedtime! Time to quiet down.

Grumble, Yawn follows the onomatopoeic antics of a young girl and her cat as they resist bedtime routine. This toddler-friendly book is composed entirely of sounds, and adults and children alike will have fun with this silly story that calls out to be read aloud with emphasis and humorous inflection. Howl moan squawk stomp—readers may recognize their own cacophonous bedtimes as the main character refuses to quietly go to sleep.


Conceptualized and written by award-winning author Deborah Kerbel and illustrated by artist Jacqui Lee, this board book will delight readers of all ages.

" perfect book to read before bedtime and an equally perfect book to add to your bookshelf. 5/5 stars - Highly Recommended."

-CM Magazine

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