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The Late, Great Endlings
Stories of the last survivors

ISBN-13: 978-1459827660

Illustrated by Aimee van Drimmelen

Published by Orca Books

*2023 'Green Earth Book Award' Finalist*

*2023 Bank Street Books 'Best of the Year' starred selection*

*2023 CCBC 'Best Books for Kids and Teens' Selection*

*2022 CIBA 'Recommended for Young Readers' selection*

*2022 CBC 'Hot Off the Press - Anticipated Bestseller' selection*

"⭐️ This beautiful dedication to these special animals brings the reality and the irreversible finality of extinction to the forefront and calls on readers to act now, before so many other animals become endlings.

Highly recommended for all collections."

-Booklist STARRED Review

"Lovely...A short, beautifully illustrated text with high-level vocabulary; a solid addition to libraries needing more books discussing extinction and its cost."

-School Library Journal

"Tender...beautifully illustrated...a thoughtful picture book that should give us all pause as we ponder the interconnectedness of life on Earth."

-Quill & Quire

“This collection of endlings may inspire curious readers to further consider the threats of habitat loss, hunting, poisoning and invasive species competition that can lead to species extinction. Recommended.”

— CM Reviews

"Will inspire children to learn and develop a deep love for the fauna around them.”

-Canadian Children's Book News

"Gives readers pause to think about the state of the natural world today...finally, a list of seven ways kids can make a change to make a difference. Let's do it!  ”

-Sal's Fiction Addiction

"This beautifully illustrated picture book tells the story of the last survivor of eight extinct species. Kerbel writes a poem for each animal, followed by a more in-depth look at their final days. There’s also an illustrated portrait of each animal. It’s a really lovely book, one of my daughter’s most-read books this year."

-Book Riot

Over the past 500 years, thousands of species of plants and animals have become extinct. The Late, Great Endlings pays homage to some of the more well-known endlings of the past century with rhyming stanzas that accompany watercolor illustrations and factual descriptions of each animal, along with the circumstances that led to their species' extinction. Together, these portraits of animals, like the passenger pigeon, the Pinta Island tortoise and the Tasmanian tiger, are a poignant symbol of a world irreversibly altered by human development, habitat loss and climate change. Readers are invited to reflect on the interconnectedness of all life forms on our planet with an additional look at animals that are at risk of becoming extinct in our lifetime. Concluding on a hopeful note, the final page offers suggestions for what kids can do to change the course of this mass species extinction crisis.

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