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Bye-Bye, Evil Eye

ISBN-13: 9781770863941

*2016 Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award Finalist *

* 'Most Anticipated Book' for Spring 2014 - '49th Shelf' & 'Quill and Quire' *

13 year-old Dani Price has the kind of life every girl wants. She's pretty, rich, and popular. But after spending three weeks vacationing in Greece with her best friend Kat, she becomes the innocent victim of a powerful curse. As bad luck spirals into danger, Dani becomes desperate to save herself from the Evil Eye. With Kat's help, she must discover how to lift the curse before she loses everything. But first she needs to figure out who to trust. And just how much she's willing to give up. 


"Funny...fresh...readable and engaging."

-CM Magazine


"Hilarious! Reality and fancy all wrapped up in a delightful tale."

-CanLit for Little Canadians


"'Gone Girl' for tweens."

-Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Awards


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